Hackers Use Cell Phone Viruses to Steal Identities: 3 tips to stay safe from criminals!


Criminals use cell phone viruses to steal your identity. 3 tips to stay safe.

Cell phone virus protection

Mobile threats are on the rise. In 2016 over 400 Million people had their identities exposed due to a cell phone virus or other online threat. This means credit card hacks, stolen identities, and private information about you and your family leaked to the internet. These are issues that follow people for their entire lives. Once hacked, you can never go back.

Fortunately, there are many ways to protect yourself. Here are some tips for staying safe online.

1. Avoid Scams

Most hackers will get information from you voluntarily. We all know about the Nigerian Prince email scam or someone calling your house pretending to be the bank or government. Here are some other ways criminals steal information.

Text Message

Criminals will pose as a bank or other service and send links through texts. Never open texts from anyone you do not know or trust.

Social Media

Hackers send links, create ads, and even hack your friend's accounts in efforts to trick you into going to a site and giving up your personal information. Always looks ours for anything that seems too good to be true or looks suspicious.

2. Avoid Dangerous Websites

Often we think it's only those “inappropriate” websites that give us viruses. This is not the case. Many websites contain viruses called “malware”. These are dangerous attacks that can do all sorts of horrible things.

Movie Sites

Web sites that offer free movies are a common way to get a cell phone virus. These sites show the latest movies completely free. The problem is these sites contain many deceptive advertisements that can download harmful viruses onto your device.
Instead, use sites like Netflix or Hulu to watch movies and TV shows.

Music Sites

These websites are just like the free movie sites. Users can listen to and download free music. These are chalk full of harmful viruses. Not worth the risk!
Use services like Spotify or iTunes instead.

Third Party apps

These are apps typically found on the android app store. Using apps that have low reviews or downloads are a sure fire way to get a cell phone virus. Try sticking to popular and trusted apps with good reviews.

Illegal downloading sites

Named “torrent” websites, the first sign that these sites are dangerous is the legality. Apart from that, some of the worst viruses are found here and your virus protection cannot help you if you use these. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

3. Cell Phone Virus Prevention and Removal.

The best way to keep your device running smooth and avoid a cell phone virus is to download an anti-virus software. There are many options on the web and app store. One of the most trusted free anti-virus software’s is AVG Anti-Virus. You can download this on your computer, tablet, or phone. For computers visit the link below:


For mobile users search for AVG Anti-Virus on your app store.

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