Broken screens

Toddler throw your tablet against the wall? We offer fast and affordable screen replacements. Our experts are trained to make your cell phone repair a quick and easy process.


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Water damage

Don't get caught in the rain! We can get that phone dried out and back into working order. Water Begone!

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Cameras, Buttons, and Batteries!

Damaged camera keeping you from capturing those special moments with the family? Does your phone die during those important calls? We fix all of this as well as damaged buttons and more!

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Brand Name Support

We provide repairs for all major cell phone providers. We handle fixes for Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, ZTE, Motorola, and others. We cover replacements for many other brands if requested.

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Your phone is your lifeline. Keep it protected.

In today's busy world, we use our phones to stay connected with family and friends, communicate with our kids, and accomplish those important tasks. At Prime Time Cell Phone Repair we understand the importance of your mobile device.

Keeping your phone in working shape keeps you close to what matters. We are dedicated to helping you protect your smartphones and tablets so you don't have to worry about that fatal drop or a frustrating splash of water. We strive to offer the best service at a great price.

We are here to help you get back to your life and preserve those valuable memories. Let us worry about the technical stuff. Call or email today for a free quote.



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